About the Owner


I'm Danielle! Mom to 2 kiddos, 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 bunnies, and 1 lizard. In addition to Quark and Atom, I'm a full-time seamstress for two amazing companies (Lili Lane and Macy Kate Boutique). I've been sewing for 12 years since I was pregnant with my oldest. My mom bought me a machine, announced that she thought I would like this sewing thing, taught me how to read a pattern, and the rest is history!

When I'm not sewing (I'm always sewing), I'm carting my children around to swim or gymnastics, making sure they don't starve, reading, or staring at my wreck of a house in shock and wondering how it got that way so fast. I also love to binge podcasts and tv shows which I do, of course, while sewing.

That's me and my life as a mom and entrepreneur. Loving it all.