I am a seamstress on a mission. I love clothing that speaks. And here at Quark and Atom, our clothing is screaming. We scream about girl's equality, education, the importance of science, STEAM, reading, raising strong girls, raising smart girls and that it's okay to be a geek. We love girls who think hard and play hard and pursue their wildest dreams. We can be whatever we want. 

So where is this coming from? Me! Danielle. I am a mom of 2 girls of my own. Two crazy little girls that are currently 7 and 9 years old and getting bigger every second. I've also got one cat, two bunnies, one dog, one lizard, and a husband. 

Quark and Atom is brand new!! But don't mistake my newness for lack of experience. I've been sewing since I was pregnant with my oldest. It was not remotely love at first sight. But we worked hard on it together and here I am sewing with every spare moment of my day ... of which there aren't many. And I've been (and still am) a hired seamstress at several of your favorite shops! That includes Lili Lane, Elegantly Evelyn, and Dream Big Little.

When I'm not sewing (I'm always sewing), I'm carting my children around to swim or gymnastics, making sure they don't starve, cleaning up after our new puppy, and staring at my wreck of a house in shock and wondering how it got that way so fast.

That's me and my life as a mom and entrepreneur. Loving it all.